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Maintain control of your cleaning processes using our latest technology


Access a central audit trail and give your customers reassurance


Remove the headache of getting your cleaners up to speed and checking their work is up to standard


Empower your cleaning staff, provide direct online access to cleaning routines

KleenCheck Pro

For 'multi-tasker' employees who carry out limited cleaning tasks as part of their overall job role.

These are professional employees who are not dedicated cleaners but are responsible for some cleaning tasks as part of their role, such as regular cleaning of:

  • Bars or serving areas
  • Reception areas
  • Food preparation areas
KleenCheck Plus

For full time dedicated cleaning teams

For professional cleaning employees who are responsible for the cleaning of:

  • Bedrooms and other 'housekeeping' areas (lounges, corridors, reception etc)
  • Conferencing facilities
  • Offices

If you have an environment that is non-standardised, talk to us about our bespoke KleenCheck package. We can show you how this utilises all of the product elements and features in a structure tailored specifically to your business.

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Here is a quick comparison chart showing the differences between KleenCheck Plus, KleenCheck Pro and KleenCheck Bespoke.


About Us

Orange Technology is a UK based software development company that has been building innovative operational and people development products since 1995. The company launched its first web-based SaaS solution in 2005, and a series of innovative products since.


We have experience of developing solutions for both academia and broad business sectors. Over 1,000,000 UK students have utilised our induction platform since its inception.

We help businesses and organisations globally to save time, effort and money by deploying our software to streamline their processes and solve important problems through innovation. We understand the importance of creating easy to use applications for everyday tasks.

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Businesses and organisations have a renewed focus on hygiene and the need to show they are adopting policies and procedures which demonstrate high cleaning standards.

Our cloud-based app enables users to maintain higher standards of cleanliness and be seen to be doing so.

It helps managers control and monitor cleaning staff and report upwards within their organisation.

Whatever type of organisation you work for, there are specific benefits which you can read about on our Industries page.

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